Laptop riser with cable management

I’ve always found it annoying to chase down the plugs when I’m coming back to my desk with the laptop. This is a basic laptop riser with some cable-management keyholes.

This was made from a single sheet of Proofgrade Thick Walnut Plywood, using a kerf of 0.008" to get a tight, no-glue assembly.


Very handsome design!


Seconded - great design. I just love the look of the walnut too.


Great design! Looks stellar!!


Very nice job! Cool design!

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I like it! :grinning:

Good job incorporating the cable management into the design. The walnut really sets it off.

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Such a clean design. And your clean, uncluttered room also has me drooling with envy.

Awesome! Definitely need one of these

I use a chunky plastic riser at work and this has inspired me to replace it with something more classy. How is yours working out? Anything you would change about it? Any tips for clean cuts or kerf adjustment on the thicker ply?

Gorgeous! :star_struck:

I need to make one of those and stop using this huge Harry Potter book as my stand.

That stand is still in daily use. The original kerf value of 8 thousands is my go-to for the thick ply. Here’s a jig that I use for measuring kerf: HOWTO: Kerf Measurement and Jig

If I were going to change anything, it would be to extend the lower part of the cross brace through the leg and to secure it with a peg. I had to glue it in the end, since any horizontal play causes it to work loose. Trying to build without adhesives is a fun challenge, but practicality wins in the end.


Wonderful form and function - a pleasure to view with and without a laptop!