Large batch cut precision issues

I am cutting multiple acrylic tags that need to be at a specific millimeter length. Im finding length discrepancies in the columns. If I cut all the tags at the same time. Every other column is shorter. Its a few millimeter difference but this causes the tags to be unusable, so its wasted material. I’ve had to pivot and cut the columns 1 at a time. Cutting a column at a time, corrects the precision issue. Has anyone experienced something like this?

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Do I see that Cordae’s tag is wider than Haley’s tag? Is that the problem?

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There are 2 size of tags visible. Majority are the larger ones. And the last column has 4 of the smaller ones. That’s not part of the issue.
2nd and 4th column cut at a shorter millimeter than the 1st, 3rd, and 5th.


There are some known bugs … For example, if you make a large group of small circles, once in a while the head will move too fast meaning that circle doesn’t get cut out. The exact outcome is random. It’s super weird.

You may have found a similar issue, but maybe it’s some kind of physical problem. Is this the only pattern that causes the issue? Have you seen any evidence of the head movement being impeded, like glitches with horizontal motion in other projects?

Is it the tag outline alone that is the wrong size, or does the whole image with the name scale down? And is the name raster or vector art?

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@GrooveStranger its not a issue that you can spot with the naked eye. There isn’t a visible glitch or problem that you can see when printing. I’ve done several hundred of these tags now, and dont see any physical flaws with my eye. But when you put a digital caliper to it, then the pattern appears. These are made to sit inside a mug lid. So the fit has to be just right so it sits snug.

Just curious - does the same thing happen if you separate the cut portion of each column into a separate step? (so it’s still all part of the same job) Or rotate the artwork 90?

If you can figure out a reliable way to reproduce the issue, I would contact support and tag rep Emily here.

However, I would also figure out a workaround because even if they take notice of an easy-to-repro issue, there is essentially zero chance that the bug gets fixed in a timely manner.

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@GrooveStranger oh I cant rely on them to respond. I’ve reached out via email twice, and have no response. Thats why I came here. What I’m doing now is what @elka suggested. I color code the columns and cut each column 1 at a time, after engraving everything. And I have rotated them 90deg. Thats a whole other issue! They come out longer. So to not waste more time trying to trouble shoot a bug, and get orders out the door, cutting a row at a time is the best guarantee I have now.

We want to change that! Please do reach out again if you already haven’t reached out recently. Sometimes our responses do get stuck in the spam filters, so if it’s not in spam, please let me know. Thank you for your patience!

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