Large Earring Display - that ain't no joke!

Nice display! I noticed youre from Sacramento! I live here as well and am new to the glowforge. Any tips?

MegaMeg! Great work and perfect creativity! I want to see that necklace display as well if you’re sharing! :heart_eyes:

So, I opened your file in Inkscape, created my own text on top and bottom pieces, then saved as .svg… Now the GFUI opens the text for engraving, but it switched the cut lines to engraves as well and tells me bitmaps can only be engraved. What did I do wrong? I’d GREATLY appreciate any insight you could give me…

EDIT: No longer a problem, and I got it made! Very nice freebie! Thanks so much!

Thank you for the share, love your variety of earring designs too. Nice job!

oh, yeah! i’m planning on a yard/craft sale and i have tons of earrings Ive made. thanks!
(sorry about the acrylic!)