Large Earring Display - that ain't no joke!


I mainly lurk the community learning from all of the amazing creators here, but thought that since I’ve had my GF for a while and have learned so much - I would give back in a small way.

Attached is an SVG for a large earring holder that I use as a merchandising display in local shops and during craft fairs. I’ve further customized mine as shown in the image with my business name and my city.


The first iteration of this design was cut in medium clear acrylic… but I sat on it… yep - you read that right… I sat on it and promptly heard the heart breaking sound of cracked acrylic. Don’t set things on your chair when you’re in full production mode, it never ends well!

I was out of clear acrylic and needed another display in a pinch, so I used a sheet of medium maple ply PG and it turned out beautifully.

Design measures just about a full sheet and can hold 18 earrings per row x 5 rows. If you were crafty, you could fit another row on there, but you cut it really close (literally) to the edges of your cut area.

The earrings shown in this photo are about 2.5 inches long, and makes for a really great display for double-sided designs.

Enjoy and happy April!



Nice share, and what beautiful earrings. I may get my ears pierced yet seeing all these cool designs folks come up with.:wink:



You don’t need pierced ears, I’ve learned that anything is possible with some gorilla glue! :slight_smile:



Wow, not only are you a lurker, but you come out with something to share! The only thing better than a file share is free cookies!



I don’t have cookies… but here’s some brownies



Very cool and very generous! And hate to say I understand the pain of sitting on projects as well. Must be a sign of great intelligence or something. :woman_shrugging: :rofl:



Nice share, great earrings!



Gosh, thanks for that! It’s a really nice display.



Nice display. Nice earrings. Nice share. Thank you.



Must be!



Many times cracked acrylic can be repaired to almost new by applying water-thin solvent glue to the crack. I have done this on several pieces. When you are able to clamp the crack closed, it pretty much disappears.



Thank you so much! We’re very appreciative of your share and of your design. I’ll bet you won’t put a project on a chair again. Ouch…in more ways than one!

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Cool! Nice share! :grinning:



I thank yo soooo much for sharing this! I will most certainly use this!!!:pray:t6:

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Nice! I may add some open cuts along the top edge for stud earrings, but other than that you might have a design that’s big enough for my earring collection!

Thanks :smiley:



Thanks @ben1 - I might give this a go and use it for shows instead of store merchandising. My hesitation is that I cracked off the whole bottom row, so I’m worried about the strength of the repaired acrylic. Worth a try because otherwise all I have is garbage.



The actual acrylic glues (not CA) don’t glue - they literally melt it to make a single piece of acrylic…so no weaker than it was before you sat on it :stuck_out_tongue:



Those are pretty cool. Thanks for the display share.

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As mentioned, good acrylic solvent cement actually melts and bonds the surfaces together. I have had joints where the joint was stronger than the surrounding material. If you can get a good clamp I would try it. You will need to start with a small amount of cement, wick it into the crack, and then add a little more at a time until the crack appears to go away. You should overfill instead of underfill; the excess will evaporate. You may get a small surface defect where you add the cement. I have found a brush works really well to control the cement without getting too much or too little.



Really great design, very attractive and functional! Thanks!

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