Large engrave and then a cut using proofgrade; gantry moving at an angle

I have a Pro and we have had it about 2 years with very light use.

I sent a design to print that has been tested by others with GF. It had a lot of engraving and that all went well. when it was time to cut it just randomly tried to cut all over the board.

Here are my husband’s views on it:

  • front left stepper motor for gantry seems to be missing steps when moving in both directions
  • have not tightened belt tension more than factory set
  • gantry moves freely when power is off and doesn’t bind
  • during cut the gantry was moving but at an angle
  • checked and didn’t see anything on the rails
    I read through the forum but it doesn’t mention just doesn’t seem to be the same.

Thank you kind GF person…

Are you saying the gantry becomes offset after your have reset it per their instructions?

If so, it’s almost certainly a belt tension issue, but I’ve not seen instructions for correcting that on the side belts, only the one on the gantry for the head movement.

Yes he moved it to the back corner (powered off) and it slides smoothly while powered off.

When it is doing the homing it gets slightly diagonal. Will double check the belts. Hopefully that fixes it. We had to leave home for a family Christmas out of town right after the cut failed. We’ll be home in a couple of hours and will look closely at the belt. Here’s hoping.

Just moving it to the back corner doesn’t square up the gantry. There are instructions on how to do that using a carpenters square or similar.

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I’m so sorry you hit a snag with your prints. As @eflyguy suggested, please follow the instructions on the Perfect Squares support page to get your gantry back in aligment.

Once that is done, run a print and let us know how it goes!

After following the instructions on the Perfect Squares support page, it didn’t fix the problem. Attached is a SVG (that has been cut before), a picture of the failed cut (I attempted to cut for a test after squaring the gantry), and what happens after the alignment finishes.

– Livein3D’s Husband

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Yeah… that’s not right. Looks like the left side belts is slipping.

I’ve never seen instructions for correcting that. You’ll need support to weigh in again.

I have tried disconnecting the left side belt. I loosened the left side pulley and took the belt off of it and the gear. It seems to have helped, but is not usable in that configuration. I then hooked the left belt back up and set it to have some tension. Below is a test design I tried, and two test cuts in cardboard. Both cuts started on the inside cut and ended on the outside cut.
– Livein3D’s Husband

  • Test drawing

Thank you for taking the time to work through these steps, and send over great images of the results.

I’ve extracted the log files from your Glowforge to review your most recent prints, and compare it with the information you’ve provided on the forum thread.

I recommend that your Glowforge be reviewed by one of our technicians. I’ll close this thread, and follow up directly via email with the next steps.

Thank you!