Large flames but just replaced the printer head and carriage plate

My machine caught fire and thankfully the cover didn’t shatter. Some of the plastic fans and belts melted, so I replaced the entire GF Printer Head and got a new carriage plate. And cleaned everything.
Now, I can’t figure out why my machine is scorching my 1/8" acrylic and has a large flame following the laser.
For reference, I have a second machine and tried troubleshooting everything. I tried the new printer head on the second machine and it doesnt have a fire trailing it, so I can’t figure out what could be causing it on the machine that had a fire?

There is a little fan under the print head that is probably not running. It blows the smoke away from the laser beam. I just watched your video and it looks like your fan is working. Did you recently clean the lens in your print head. It might be installed backwards.


Yeah I cleaned all my lenses and made sure it was installed correctly.

Likely this is your culprit:

The fire may have scorched the connector for the fan - so check the wires and the plug as well while you’ve got it all off. If those are toast, they don’t just sell them in the store so you’ll have to contact support about buying one. A number of folks have bought matching ones online, but they don’t come with the right connector so if you have the ability, and your connector didn’t get burnt that’s also an option.


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