Large Format Printer Deal


My wife and I are moving into making and crafting more and more. I come from woodworking (the natural transition in the the GF) but my wife is more of a artist and photographer. We just landed a killer deal on a large format inject printer. I thought I should pass it along because someone on here might find it useful.

Canon Pro-100 from B and H Photo with a $250 rebate. Works out to be $130 for a quality printer with ink and paper!

I hope this is helpful!

Note: The rebate end May 31st


Thanks! My similar Epson recent broke and I have been considering my options for replacing it. I’m going to take a close look at this.


Good catch @markwarfel. From the rebate form, Cannon has substantial rebates on many printers, but rebates end May 31.


Same price at Amazon which has free shipping (maybe only for Prime members?). is listed as an authorized dealer for purposes of this rebate.


For anyone on the fence, deals on these printers come up frequently, every now and then they’re as low as $50 after rebate with a free pack of big ol’ photo paper!

Here’s one from last month (if you sign up for an account, will send you notifications when deals matching your criteria (keywords, minimum thumb rating, maybe a couple other things)) get posted.


I have this printer that I use for photography. It’s a great value; especially with the discounts.


I’ve got the Canon Pixma IP8500 and it is an excellent photo printer.
(Can highly recommend the Canons.) :+1:


question for someone that has one or similar. Will it digest slightly cheaper paper for those times I need the large format but not a true photo?



Yeah, mine does. If you print full color it tends to make the paper very moist and wavy, but you can always do draft mode or regular print mode.

It’s slower than a laser printer though - being inkjet. (I like the Brother line of laser printers for office work.)


This is my experience as well. I use the Canon for both heavy card printing and on cheap paper (in regular or draft mode), when I want something either larger than my laser can handle (also a Brother) or when I want to reduce the curl in the paper after printing.


Which probably means new printers will be introduced in June . At least that’s the way HP used to printer promotions.


Possibly, but, not necessarily. I bought this same printer 18 months ago also as part of a special (when I upgraded my camera), and it hasn’t been replaced yet.


B&H also has free shipping. And their deal is better because it includes 50 sheets of large format paper along with a $250 rebate. Through Amazon, the price is the same without the paper, and only a $200 rebate is available,


Yes! meant to add that (pretty crucial). I’ll add it to my first post


I have one of these printers! I got it with a canon camera bundle. I really like the quality of the prints and I found some cheap off brand ink from amazon that works fine. Canon will have amazing deals on paper from time to time. I got 9 packs of paper free for buying one pack! has some really great deals that work.
for the price, 130 bucks is a bargain for the printer. Mine came with full ink cartridges if that is a concern.
My only drawback with the printer is that it is huge. it is as big as one of those glowforge things.


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