Laser and wine night

Evening folks.

Had a laser and bottle of wine night with the wife. We have been talking about a craft fair comming up soon and dickering with dollar store items.

She got 4 small mirrors for 2 dollars . She found some images on the Google and we tried it out.

The curly one was a straight from Google image to GFUI. Full power and half speed. Will have to look up.

It is speckled , luckily that suits the image.

Hard to see in the pic, but you can sort of see the lines from the raster. Full power and speed.

No masking either.

I am going to have to play with defocusing I think. Just to smooth things out. Would I defocus below the surface or above?

OK off to pass out…


I really enjoy experimenting with materials. Sometimes you mail it right away, other times you have to sneak up on it.


Very neat effect! Might have to play with some mirrors as well. :grinning:

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So – this may really sound dumb, but to etch a mirror, you are lasering the back of it, yes?


Looks like the front because you can see the reflection.

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If glass is opaque to CO2 laser, should be able to laser front or back. Back would allow painting the etching a different color to have something showing boldly, such as a border design. Front would allow frosting like this that would actually also show in the reflection if viewed from an angle instead of straight on.


So I was unsure last night, so a quick forum search found these:

So I took that as no problem go for it, I’ll use this as reference if machine breaks and I need a warranty repair…(probably wouldn’t work as an argument, but in my head after a glass with the wife it did).

So I figured from the above and a few other posts it wouldn’t break the machine. So the other question is, is it worth ruining material. Since each mirror was 0.50$ each that fell into my “shrug, screw it, what’s worse that can happen” range of experimentation.

When I get time I plan to dicker with the defocusing.



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