Laser arm becomes skewed during calibration/alignment

I’ve got a brand new Pro with only 5 jobs so far. I started with cardstock just to get a feel for the work flow. The bed is clean, there are no materials obstructing the tracks, nothing bumping, and there is nothing obviously loose or odd. With the power off, the laser arm and head both move smoothly.

The first four cuts I tried were flawless, and then the fifth did something quite strange… An elephant svg was cut as scribbles:


New to the flow, I suspected I’d done something wrong in translating from Inkscape, so I went back and re-did the image. While moving to begin the next job, the laser arm skewed itself badly. I immediately stopped, powered down, and then manually aligned the head (centered under the camera) for calibration, just as the setup instructions had me do initially.

I’ve now attempted re-calibration multiple times. Here’s a video of one such attempt (2 minutes):

The laser arm manages to align itself to be square with the tracks while under the center camera (around 1:23 in the video), but goes off-square when it moves towards the back (1:25). It’s as if the right side motor is moving faster than the left, as that side gets ahead whichever direction the laser arm is moving. When it stops at the back crooked, it seems to be under some tension. If I turn off the power, the left side “releases” and the laser arm moves towards square (around 2:00).

I have not attempted another cut. Re-calibrating from various positions doesn’t solve the problem.

When I start calibration from the front, I end up centered like this:

If I start from the back, the angle is reversed.

Any suggestions?

Edit: Changed “carriage” to “laser arm”, the official term in the manual.

My first machine did exactly the same thing, unfortunately it had to be replaced.
Sorry for your pain…

It’s somehow worse that it worked so well but for so short a time, rather than just arriving broken.


One thing to check is whether any offcut bits have gotten blown onto the track or the belts or the pulleys/gears. Cardstock will definitely fly around under air assist.

(I had a situation where some masking flew around and got stuck on a pulley. Very anxious 10 minutes with the tweezers, and another half hour collecting all the other bits that had deposited in interesting places.)

Nope, all clean… The belts and tracks are perfectly clear. There isn’t any slippage, but the right motor seems to move faster/further than they left each time the y-axis changes. When the power is off, motion is clean and smooth.

I’m so sorry you’re having trouble. I’m taking a look and will update you when I know more.

Unfortunately, like @henry said, we’ve found your unit has an issue we can’t solve remotely. I suggest we proceed with a warranty replacement. I’m reaching out to you via email to sort out the details. I’m so very sorry for the bad news.