Laser beam width seams not consistant when cutting

To add to my cutting through issue at a sweet spot, I have another issue with the beam width as is it cutting close to the left side of the machine vs the far right side.

I have experienced the same cut files showing deeper, darker, wider cut lines on the left side of the machine when the head and side mirror are closer than when the head and side mirrors are the farthest apart. This is very frustrating when cutting a repeated shape/engraving shape like a coaster or similar. When the finished sheet is removed from the GF items on the left have a darker cutting residue than the ones on the right.

This anomaly is apparent when cutting either draftboard, baltic birch and acrylic.

You’ll need to post some photos of the Gift of Good Measure printed on the left and right sides of a piece of PG draftboard, so Support can actually evaluate the issue you’re describing. :slight_smile:

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I see that you’ve reached out to us via another forum post. I’ll continue working on the behavior you’re seeing there, and close this thread.

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