Laser Coaster Template

Hey all, thought I’d post the outer template for a leather coaster I made this afternoon…Adding it as a .zip because it’s teeeeeeeeeny tiny if I direct drop the SVG. (Tried to post earlier and somehow ended up deleting my whole thread, so here we go again) (11.0 KB)

I used the stitch hole from this post

and duplicated it along a path in Inkscape.

Then etched my center logo, cut the holes, then cut the main shape. I used :proofgrade: Thick Leather, after laserin’, I dipped the whole thing in a solution of white vinegar with dissolved steel wool to make the leather black.

Then I threw a saddle stitch around the outer edge for decoration…if I were doing that part again, I’d probably go with a gray instead of matching black. But I think it turned out pretty nice…here’s the regression photo…Top left is the final coaster, top right is right after rinsing the vinegar, bottom left is right after the dip, and lower right was fresh off the laser.


Thanks for the file! They look great!!! I hadn’t thought about using leather. Do you back them with cork or leave just as is?


so far, I’ve left it as-is. I’m debating whether I should put a sealant or some mink oil on top, or just see how it goes as-is.

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Oh. That is a good idea too!

Those are awesome! Thanks for taking the time to share with the community. Very cool!

Thanks for the file. These are beautiful.

NIce work! Leather coasters are a nice alternative to cork and engrave just as nicely.

Looks great! Also, nice that you added the additional photos to show how it looked. Thank you for your file.

Wow, so fancy! It looks way too nice to put a sweaty drink on! Thanks for the share and for pics showing the progression of the project.