Leather Stitch Holes SVG settings

Here are the leather stitch holes that I use. I modeled them after the Craftool Fine Diamond chisels that I use.

EDIT - a new link as google changed security protocol and had to change it

Here’s to making leather work easier. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the post and link!


Thank you!
I’m working on a leather design right now, so this is a timely gift.

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Thanks! This will be useful!

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Thanks for sharing @emilycarolinemiller1 !!

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Thank you! I’m just getting started with trying to design my first leather thing. This is exactly the info I needed. I’m over the first hurdle!

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Have people had good success with this? What needles and thread are you using?

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Thank you!

Thanks for sharing! Exactly what I was looking for.

Very cool of you to share the stitch holes you created. Yes, easier leather work, please! (However, the GF sure does help with that!)

This is magical thank you!

How about corners. What do you do for that?

Just used these in my project and wanted to bump the thread cause I was really happy with the result. Thanks for sharing @emilycarolinemiller1

More details here: Leather A5 Midori Notebook Cover


Your stitching looks fantastic and I like the thread colors too. :grinning:


Thanks! I used the good ole saddle stitching technique and I’m careful to always pull the threads in the same direction and to cross them the same for a consistent stitch. I couldn’t decide between green or purple on this one so I decided “why not both?” :slight_smile:


SUH-WEET!! Thanks.


Any ideas on how to clean the holes? Thread gets real dirty when using this method.

This post is from 5 years ago, so the OP may not see your question. You can try a search. I found this;
“I’ve found two things help to keep the char off the thread. First, I use a fairly large diameter stitching hole so there isn’t as much drag on the thread (0.07 inches, yes, I’m a barbarian that uses imperial measurements.) Second, I don’t do the ‘traditional’ pull both needles through at the same time. It takes a little longer since I’m trading needles back and forth but again, it minimizes the drag as thread travels through the stitching hole.”
Seems I’ve also read somewhere that putting your piece in a bag of salt and shaking it around will remove the char. Good luck.

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I am primarily a leather worker. I like having a glowforge and I use it a lot but I almost never use it for leather for this reason. It is almost always better to use a stitching iron and punch your holes and to cut your leather by hand. The product almost always is superior on the edges. If I do use the glowforge for leather, as soon as I take the piece out, I put it in a bucket of salt and sand and shake it to try and get some of the char off the edges and off the insides of the holes. Afterwards I clean it off and usually try to sand the edges. I also would only use a dark thread.

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