Laser Cut Cardboard Guitar?

Just saw this cardboard guitar on Engaget. Pretty cool, Wouldn’t be too hard to make with a Glowforge!


I keep thinking that having a cardboard substrate laser printed, like the skeleton models of dinosaurs, would be so good for the internal structure for paper maché models and fiberglass skinned items, or even plaster.

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That’s a great idea! I want to try that!

I’ve seen several people use laser-cutters to cut the bodies of various instruments (like Ukuleles). But I’ve never seen one out of cardboard.

That’s pretty cool.


We have been pretty slim on ideas in the musical instrument category in the forum. This is a good nudge. I have cigar-box guitar on my list of things to try, but this might be a thing for me in the long haul. I have a Gibson Flying V for my electric but have always wanted a Strat to round out the collection. Makershed used to have good kit for building your own electric guitar and that has been on the things to do when I retire list. For right now I think a music stand would be great to do, especially some nice fretwork for the music holder. I’ve also done some preliminaries on a flat pack clarinet stand. And haven’t looked into it, but laser engraved guitar pics are a must. Just have to pick up some nylon ones and do a bit of investigating on the materials. I do have a pick cutting press, so getting the right sheet material and I’ll be in business.

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Which makes me wonder…

I know the guitar pick punch often use old credit cards. I wonder how the GF would cut through that type of material? I’m not sure yet what I would make, since cards like those are pretty small. But it’s something to think about and perhaps try.

I don’t know for sure, but it looks like credit cards are a styrene based plastic? Styrenes melt at low temperatures, so they won’t be cut.

Engraved guitar picks is on my list of projects. Hadn’t thought about a full guitar.

Don’t know whether you are interested in acoustic cigar box type instruments. I regularly play with a traditional Appalachian string band. One of the band members builds acoustic cigar box guitars, banjos, fiddles, mandolins and other instruments on the side. The type of thing on which the GF will really help. Here is Jim’s site. “” He also has many demonstration videos on Youtube under the name “morbanjo” Just showing you to see an unusual future application for my GF. Another band member is a professional luthier, building and repairing acoustic guitars, and banjos. We have discussed at some length collaborating on inlays, jigs, engraving skin banjo heads, instrument tops/backs and other stuff.

Tongue Drums?

Marimba bits?

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Actually @tony engraved some wooden guitar picks that came out pretty spectacular.

It was then delivered to Linkin Park guitarist Brad Delson for a nu metal test that sounded pretty great.

(ducks credibility flying out the window)

Yes I am wanting to make a cigar box guitar. Have been wanting to make a couple so that everyone in the sing along can have an instrument. Oh, so many projects.
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