Laser cut fabrics

Anyone played with laser cutting fabrics. I just stumbled across this and feeling inspired:


I think there’s been some etching…don’t remember seeing anything for cutting… :relaxed:


We use our laser for cutting fabrics on occasion, especially if its a stretchy, hard to cut fabric. The great thing about some of the non-organic fabrics is that the heat welds the edges preventing fraying. You have to check MSDS though to see which stuff is safe to cut of course.

The only issue we have is bed size (8.5x11 roughly). This is one of the bigger areas we think the glowforge would be awesome in. My girlfriend hand-draws/traces her patterns on the model, then we have to scan them in, scale them to the right size, and then cut. The glowforge would take a number of those steps out of the way, allow us to cut bigger pieces and use the passthrough for even larger stuff!


I think this is super exciting stuff! Mostly I want to make custom mats for card/board games.
I helped a guest on Laser Thursday cut some fabric in a skirt… worked a charm!


Is playmat material laser-safe? (I think it’s called speed cloth) I can’t remember what the material actually is… rubber-backed? or neoprene?

I am thinking some VS type stuff would rock!

I have no idea! I was thinking of just using black jean material.