Laser cut Halloween costume


My oldest daughter decided she wanted to be Katniss this Halloween. She has been planning this costume for many months now. She found the dress at a thrift shop and with some help from me designing the back plate/hinge, fabricated the wings from scratch. Last count she placed over 400 individual feathers!

Call for glowforge-made halloween costumes!

Fantastic! Well done!


That is simply incredible! Fantastic job indeed! :grinning:


Love real creations versus CGI.

That will last forever in memory!


I like sister peeking over the wing.


That is so very, very nice. Your daughter is gorgeous, and so is her costume!


That is absolutely marvelous! I’m debating whether to show this to my daughter or not, because she’s going to want to make one too!


Wow! what a great job! Well done!


Better this one than the one that catches on fire!

Nice work. The young folk certainly can use the laser for great projects like this. Very dedicated and love the colors.


Very cool! First Prize in a Halloween Costume Contest!


Love the costume! It also looks like someone is feeling left out of all the attention in the third pic, lol.


My younger daughter is going to be Effie. It is actually a very creative (and funny) costume that she pieced together also from thrift store finds. I will try to remember to place a photo here once she is all done up with makeup and all her accessories.


Really nicely done! Look at her excitement!


Great costume.


Wow! Outstanding! Really got a kick out of the little sister photobomb.


Any idea on how long it took to cut all the feathers out?


Beautiful costume! Beautiful daughter!


That is one amazing costume!!! She must be thrilled!


The feathers cut very fast (max Glowforge speed), but I don’t recall an exact time per sheet. They are made from cardboard packing dividers scavenged from Costco, even thinner than a cereal box.


It’s stunning, and I love her creativity!

You could add little wrist straps/cuffs about 2/3 of the way down each wing, so that the wings move with her arms (and she wouldn’t need to hold on to them when she wanted to stretch them in full).