Laser cut house plant



Just saw this pop up on FB:

Looks like a standard acrylic laser etching, and led light. But the heat bend, and manner it is used is awesome.

I still haven’t figured out the difference of cell vs extruded acrylic. Would that make a difference in this case?

Link to Etsy shop of make:

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 22nd, 2017

Very interesting. Bookmarked that page for some inspiration later.


Interesting looking for sure. :relaxed:


From the title, I thought the post was about putting plants into the Glowforge, for some reason!


This video shows the difference in laser cutting/engraving.


Also if you try to heat form extruded acrylic it can do some funky stuff like shrink and warp


Maybe instead of using a filter, a few bonsai plants strategically placed inside could do it? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The difference is in the etching…it frosts white on cell cast and doesn’t show well on extruded. For this application, since they etch the veins, it would need to be cast.


Now I wonder what type I have stock piled. Guess I’ll just wait to July to find out!


Oh man what a great idea! I’m going to absolutely cover my desk at work with these. No watering needed!


If it has a paper mask its usually printed on it and can be either…if its a plasticy mask then its usually extruded…