Laser cut PC case idea

There is a UK youtuber who has a channel called “DIY Perks” where he makes lots of interesting DIY projects that involve making innovative and useful decoration and utility items from easily obtainable bits and pieces from hardware and electronics stores.
His latest video was a compact computer case made from MDF. This particular project is available in kit form, and he’s also made the templates available for free. The kits are cut using a CNC and his DIY method involves lots of cutting and drilling, but this looks like a project that would be perfect for the Glowforge. Better still, there is no reason why it couldn’t be tweaked to minimise the amount of screws and glue needed to hold it together, by using a slotted design only made possible with laser cutting. The case could also be made out of acrylic or other woods.
Video here:


The only potential concern with non-metallic cases is RF interference with the system. While it isn’t a high chance, most PC cases act as RF and ground shields. So if that is eliminated, alternate sources of shielding may need to be examined.


If I recall correctly, MDF is generally frowned upon being laser cut because of the large amounts of glue used to bind the wood together. Even CNC cutting it isn’t without it’s perils, as the sawdust is quite fine and a respirator is highly encouraged, if not compulsory.


I just saw that video, and even when it looks amazing, I’d like to do it with acrylic, just to add more lights, lots of lights!


Some MDF is laser compatible, but it depends on the glue and the fibers used.


I recalled this topic and saw a posting someone made, just thought I’d drop this here since it’s the “Inspiration” section of the forums… Click through the images to check out the entire album.