Laser cut silhouette pendant


Laser Thursday necklace:

Mother’s day is right around the corner, so I decided to use my Laser Thursday to make a necklace for my Mum.

She is moving out of the country in a few weeks, and has to leave behind a full house of all her photos/mementos. One of the pictures that she loves is a silhouette cut out of my sister and I done at Disney world 20 odd years ago.

I got my sister to sneak a photo of the cutout and text it to me:

I have been waiting for a reason to use this cool hexagon shaped jewelry finding:

I loved the idea of doing a friction fit in there and having you see both sides of the wood.

I brought the papercut photo into illustrator and did a trace. I glued two pieces of contrasting veneer together because I wanted it to be a little thicker and more durable since it would be worn a lot and then went to straight down to Laser Town!

This how the necklace came out. (I made two, so you can see how great that friction fit looks when it’s butted up to the very edge of the finding.)

I sanded and oiled the veneer, so it would have a feather soft feel when it’s being worn. I messed up a little with the glue on the very bottom, but I was able to sand it straight with a file and hopefully it’s not too obvious. :smiley:

Now, I just moved to Seattle, and I have nothing in my new apartment to wrap this necklace up in. So I decided to make a quick box that I could mail it in.

That ended up looking like this:

And voila, a nice handmade for Mum!
It also had the fun side effect of sliding up and down. Cue goofy looping gif! (and wood stain fingers!)

Hope you guys like it!




Now that’s what I’m talking about!!! So, you cut down through the top layer of pale wood to the lower layer of dark wood? It looks fantastic!


Wow! What a beautiful design!


The pendant is really nice looking and it’s a lovely story behind the design…
but it is the box that piques my curiosity… where is the rest of the chain? If it is there… there must be space for it… so either a hidden slot/cavity in the back or the sides, or the sliding bit is somehow sandwiched in slots and semi-floating above the back leaving a gap, or…
well, maybe @Shell will share another pic or two… i could see other folks wanting to make a pendant holder with hidden message slot.


That is lovely, nice work!


That is fabulous! It is very sweet, yet very cool too. Excellent work. How could you mom not LOVE it. :bouquet:


Hah. Great catch. Its actually two bits of plywood, with a wood veneer on top with holes for the necklace to come out of on the sides. The middle piece is hollow so the chain has somewhere to hide. I forgot to take pictures of the back before sending it, but I will see if I can remake it quickly next week. :slight_smile:


I actually cut the light wood separately from the dark wood and then glued it on top of the dark wood.


Very nice!
I’m sure she will treasure it, and telling how her Daughter used a laser to make it!
Perhaps I’m not finished with jewelry after all.:thumbsup:


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Great project. Wish I could give it multiple likes! Awesome display/gift box.


Gorgeous! And I love the box. I’m eager to see more about how it works.


I deeply regret that I am only permitted to leave one like for this. This is awesome! I love the hidden reveal needed to get the pendant out. :slight_smile:


Brilliant. I love seeing tiny, beautiful objects like this in Laser Made. This is exactly the kind of precision and aesthetic attention I’m buying my Forge to achieve. :heart::heart::heart:


It’s BEAUTIFUL!!! Sooo cool…


Great job. Love the pendant. As for the wood stained fingers, I used a little WD40 on mine the other day. Took the stain right off.


What a sweet idea. And I totally had my silhouette cut out at Disney World in 1986.


They still do it too. A friend of mine had one made last week.


Shell first time posting but just had to tell you how much I love it. Very creative.