Laser cut silicon carbide paper?

I am hoping to laser cut dollhouse shingles using sandpaper. Should I be weary of “Silicon Carbide” sandpaper?
I read the other posts about laser cutting sandpaper but I’m not sure if this is different.

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You’ll be fine, just use good ventilation. (As with any material)

I’d mirror your design and cut it from the back, the abrasives might interfere with the laser.

Like with any other lightweight material (papers, foams etc), be careful about flyaways. I might consider cutting it almost 100% out and then finishing the cut off by hand to prevent that.


The abrasive paper is an excellent choice for shingles.


Yup. Cuts fine from behind, just keep an eye on it as with any material.

You can’t reliably cut from the front, because the abrasive is generally a hard silica or similar, and the laser won’t get thru that.


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