Laser-Cut Star Wars Ships and Ornaments

I have not seen this posted anywhere on GF yet. C4 labs has just released the cut files for a laser-cut YT-1300 Light Freighter (looks like a Millennium Falcon to me, but I’m sure Star Wars fans will soon point out the difference to me).

There are also 2 Star Wars ornaments. One’s an X wing, and the other a Tie Fighter, I think.

You can find the cut files at:

Although you have to be registered to get the files.


I think the difference is that one is a trademark and one isn’t :smile:

Correllian YT-1300 in the manufacturer name of the model of the ship, “Millennium Falcon” is the name of the ship. [/nerdhat]


I guess Correllian YT-1300 might slow disney’s lawyers slightly, but not for long…

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While the Millennium Falcon can always best/evade the Empire, Disney’s lawyers are in an entirely different league.


Uploaded to wetransfer for those who dont want to sign up to the forum.


Hmm well not this holidays but by the next ones i feel there will be some Tie Fighters hanging from the old xmas tree inplace of the balls.

Or make laser cut TIE fighter shaped holders “for” the balls… Means you don’t have to design a sphere for the centre…



Awesome idea i never would have thought of that :smile: . Would be ideal if you could find bulbs or balls that lit up as well then your could either apply a sticker or draw on lines for the cockpit another idea goes to the list for when the glowforge gets hear. Have an awesome day.


I registered and grabbed the files quickly before disney could swoop in with a C&D. If in the future anyone needs the files drop me a PM and I’ll gladly mail them to you.


I suppose it wont be too long before someone does a death star… I mean “space station” similar to the Glowforge globe in 123D make. might have to exaggerate some of the features to make it somewhat distinguishable like orientating trenches perpendicular to cardboard layers.


TESTED got the kit from the maker of these files and assembles it in this video:


I love this idea! A cardboard globe deathstar… I’m drooling all over now.


Links are dead, any1 can send me a copy? :smiley:

I emailed C4 labs and they sent me the files. on the same day. Which is awesome but I can’t find the build instructions on their site. Plus can anyone tell me what size material the files are meant for?

(I’m happy to email the files to folks too if you like.)


Hi Tonya, If you still have the files, could you send them my way? Thanks!

I would love a copy of the files if you still have them. Thanks!


Hi tonyawinter,
I would love a copy of the millenium falcon files if you still have them.

Nice find. If it resurfaces again I would be interested.