Laser cut travel poker set, and a family D&D game

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So my wife, twins, and I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons for the past few weekends. A friend introduced me and I was skeptical - but he told me it was an amazing way to spend hours together as a family. Well, he was right. And the kids love it. So much so, in fact, that they’ve even been known to dress up. (And yes, those are @jeffbowman’s dice boxes)


They’ve had so much fun with it that they’ve occasionally asked if we can play when we have a few minutes away from the house, like waiting at a restaurant. Then I had an idea: their grandpa taught them poker. They loved it. What if when we were waiting for tables at a restaurant, their characters were “playing poker” around the campfire? So I went to Amazon and searched for “travel poker”, but didn’t find anything that did the trick. Enter Glowforge.

First, I used @kigster’s oustanding to create the box. The lid looked boring, so I found a picture of a rhombicuboctahedron drawn by DaVinci. It looks sort of like a d20 fell in love with a handful of d6s, so it seemed appropriate. I could have packed the pieces in a little tighter, but the sides look best when the grain runs in the same direction for all of them.

Next, I designed the chips/coins. I could fit 5 layers of material next to the deck. The game has some sample art that I used for inspiration.

Finally, it was time to put it all together. Glue? We don’t need no glue.


Ultimately it came together pretty much exactly how I imagined.

Just one thing left: they need to find some way to win, buy, or otherwise obtain it from a creepy old fortune teller who’s been following the wagon caravan they’re guarding…

Note: personal project, not supported by Glowforge.

d&d poker cards and chips (2.5 MB)


Very cool! If you didn’t already have a job, you’d have a pretty good career as a game designer. Wait, I already knew that…

I love the action photo!


If you want to try and combine that all into something ultimate (and you love the old westerns) its a bit(well, quite a lot to be fair but better than older games) math fiddly but some of the mini games(bar brawls) run like poker games where you ‘bet’ on your die rolls with chip piles based on your stats.
Gun fights combine a die roll and a draw from a deck of cards(faro decks are best for this) to determine hit locations.
It’s set in an alt history (roughly 1870-ish) where the Civil War was extended and ended with the USA split, the Mexicans are still a power, Texas is a country, the Mormons are hostile, and much of the north west is still hostile Indian lands(because everyone else keeps trying to take it).

I may be a fan.


Great having fun with the kids. Thanks for the file

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Enjoyed your write-up and video. Awesome of you to share your work! Beautifully done!


I can’t wait for my daughter to be old enough to play!

Are you still on lost mines of phandelver?

That’s awesome. I just started playing D&D with my family (wife and 3 kids) last weekend. I’ve still got some work to do to keep the real life fights from invading the game and vice versa though. This is a really cool project.


No, we finished it, and are playing Hoard of the Dragon Queen together now.

Let me know your secret when you figure it out - I haven’t. :slight_smile:


Just as a side note. I have ALL of the original D&D books written by Gary Gygax, and company.
DM guide, Monster manual etc.

I think I will have to get them out and get some exploring action in. :slight_smile:
thanks for the reminder.


Awesome! I’ve personally gone down the Pathfinder branch of that gaming family, but whatever: it’s a great pastime to get your kids involved in!
Love the poker set, too!

Just posted on reddit as well, with a few extra gifs to boot.


There’s long been plenty of discussion on what tabletop roleplayers would do if they had a laser cutter…so it’s awesome to see what a laser-cutter-er does when suddenly introduced to D&D! :smiley:

Also, I can only imagine what it would be like to grow up knowing you could have any style of wooden play sword you could imagine. Get tired of Sting, pick up Glamdring! Or an ulfberht Viking sword, or a gladius…what an awesome evolution of the basic stick-picked-up-outside!


Yeah, that’s Sting that my son is waving around - he drew and traced it. The more impressive bit is the leather scabbard he stitched himself with the same design, but he wasn’t wearing it in the picture.

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I can’t get the file to load in ink space or in glowforge. In inkspace it just says failed to load file. and nothing happens in glowforge. Any ideas?


I created it in Adobe Illustrator - I’m afraid I haven’t tested it in any other software.

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