Laser-cut wood veneer Texas flag

I had a day gloriously absent of kid soccer games and whatnot, so I decided to experiment with kerf adjustments in Inkscape, following @Jules excellent guidance from Inkscape - Adjusting for Kerf in your Design

so I started by cutting out a veneer-based Texas flag. I’m not all that good at the art side, but a flag is basic enough shapes that even I can figure it out. It took a couple passes to get the star to slot in without a gap…Turns out, calipers and thin, flexible material don’t work out all that well…After I got that dialed in, I used what I’d learned to make a frame from thick plywood and medium clear acrylic. I figured if I screwed anything up too badly, I’d still have a pretty decent size rectangle of material.

It came out pretty good! You can’t tell from the photo, but there is clear acrylic press-fit into the wood frame. I’m gluing a draftboard back to the whole thing right now, and with any luck, the acrylic won’t pop out onto the floor after I hang it on the wall. It was a pretty snug fit…when I tried it with a medium plywood, I cracked it. The thick plywood was just the right fit.


Turned out fantastic! Love the veneer choices! :grinning:


Very nice indeed! The woods contrast so nicely.


I especially like the left piece with the star. Very nice!

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I think you picked the perfect subject for your first try with veneers.

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