Laser cuts, then welds multiple l.ayers

I though this was pretty cool, considering it’s being done with a sketchup extension it’s quite ingenious.



It looks like the finished edges are pretty smooth too. I couldn’t tell what the healing was doing. Maybe that?

There was a slight ‘bloom’ appearing in the middle of the stack, so I guess that might have been surface melting slightly between faces.


Laser welding has come up a couple of times on the forum…if i recall correctly one of the sharper tacks figured out how it was done. (Had forgotten all about it, but it would be fun to experiment with one of these days.) :slightly_smiling_face:

And anything has got to be better than Weld-On #4. :smile:

I’m pretty sure if the laser welding has come up before, then someone dug up the paper on how they do it. This describes the technique used in the video.


An excellently written piece. Thanks for that additional info.


Very cool. Looks like the move the surface out of focus, so the laser heats/melts rather than cuts.

:grinning: Here are few other posts… It is a very fascinating technique.