Laser "cutting" resolution

Not sure if this has been asked, as I’m not sure “how” to ask this… in a technical way:

Say I have a logo and I want to engrave or even cut it on an acrilyc piece… How “close” can the lines be so the engrave do not touch between them? is it called resolution steps? ie. whats the minimal spacing the laser can separate in between engravements without touching each other’s line?

Not sure if I expressed myself clearly enough?


Theoretically you could have them as close as 0.008 inches. Practically, the deeper you go, the more you should space them - a light engrave might be 0.01"; a cut you would want much more so it would have some strength.

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Everything is sounding so good to be true… can’t wait to start playing with it, definetly :wink:

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