Laser engrave file -dithered version and a grayscale version

Looking at purchasing a laser file on etsy. This one reads a little different than what I’m used it. They supply the file in png format with two options of dithered or grayscale. Can this be used on the GF.? When I engrave on cutting boards, I normally use settings of 1000/100/225 unless otherwise instructed by the seller for the 3D type files. Has anyone engraved with these and if so are the settings about the same?

As long as you only plan to engrave a PNG is just fine and shouldn’t affect your engrave settings unless you’re noticing some kind of image quality problem where the supplied image is much smaller than the size you want to engrave it.


If you have the choice of dithered or greyscale, I think greyscale would be better. The Glowforge software already does a dither when it engraves, and you might get unexpected results if they are competing.


Thankyou - do you know the difference between dithered and grayscale. I have purchased several of the 3D files on etsy or just normal ones too, but none of them say the files are dithered and grayscale. Just not sure what the means for engraving on a GF

Thankyou! That’s what I needed to know. It just makes me nervous to purchase a file that states this on it. I’ve never seen that in the description. Thanks again!


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