Laser engraved projects

I have access to a 60w Gravograph laser at work and figured I would share some of the items I make on it. It has a 24 in x 24 in bed that has a 12 in vertical adjustment.


Very nice! Some of those engraves have taken on a gold metallic look which is very cool.

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I like your engraving. This is one of the things I want to do. That is great inspiration. Thank you. :relaxed:

Love them. Makes me check the calendar again so I get an idea when I can use some of these ideas swirling around.

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Very cool. I really like the USN wooden prop.

It is a ceiling fan blade that was requested by a friend. The other two blades have the senior chief and master chief on them. Her husband wanted a man cave decorated in chief memorabilia. Told her it might make it out of balance but it didn’t seem to make a difference. So all was well!!!


Master chief… hmmm oh sorry, was day dreaming for a minute there…


Nice engraving! Very inspirational too. :grin: - Rich