Laser engraved vinyl decal

For years I have been using water slide decals on my pens:
I recently saw something about a laser engraved vinyl decal but can’t seem to find any info as to where you get the material, how you engrave it and how you apply it.
Anybody with any experience with this?

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Any material with the word “vinyl” is usually a no no if it is real vinyl. It can release chlorine gas which can be hazardous to you and actually corrosive to your machine.

It’s come up a lot on the forum. It’s worth a quick search.

This is a good rule of thumb, but, as always, the obligatory qualification:

If it’s PVC. Polyvinyl Chloride. It’s the Chloride that gets you.

Look carefully at the MSDS of whatever you want to cut. There are types of vinyls that are ok to cut.

That being said, a lot of “vinyl” stickers are in fact PVC. Use caution like @MechanicalGoose says. There are polyurethane “vinyl” films out there too, but be very sure.


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I remember somebody posting about a “vinyl” decal material designed for laser cutting as well, but I don’t remember enough to do a good search.

If you can’t find it here, or no one else can remember more about it, I’d search the Johnson Plastics website (which may be more difficult than searching here - it could stand some improvements.) They sell a lot to people with lasers, although not everything they sell is safe for lasering.

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maybe this?


That’s it.