Laser Etched Dichroic Glass

I use laser etched dichroic glass while glassblowing and was thinking that the glow forge could do this! I use Borosilicate glass (lab glass) which can be purchased with a coating that can be etched away or left.

Here is a example of a laser cut image before its encased in a marble

Heres a marble with the dichroic image sandwiched between clear


That looks absolutely amazing! From what I’ve read here, there’s not a consensus on whether or not a CO2 laser like Glowforge could do that - definitely something I’d like to test!


Boro is pretty sturdy stuff, so you are unlikely to shatter it.
Since you are already sandwiching it between layers of clear then I think your main concern would be bubbles where the laser etches the surface.

Of course as @aeva says, the best thing is to experiment!

It would be encased in clear after you etch it, its just a coating on the top off the glass that I would need to etch off

OK, I need to revise my opinion of borosilicate!
Apparently it has such a low coefficient of thermal expansion that you really can’t etch into it with a CO2 laser (at these power levels anyway).
I have no idea what that means for the dichroic coating, so basically I am going to shut up now. :smile:

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let me send you a sample piece to test out! :smile:
I know Dan said he wasn’t testing samples which makes sense but the offer is there!

Yea 33COE for Boro, soft glass is between 90-120coe. From what Ive read I think the laser should have no problem etching the dichroic layer! Il do some more research


LOVE THIS! We have a stained glass warehouse in Boulder that has lots of dichroic stock. Can’t wait to pillage that place once GF comes in. I’m imagining making some seriously classy goods.


Do they ship to France?? :disappointed_relieved: