Laser etched silicone cup bands



Since the cup was slightly at an angle I took the band off and taped it down flat so it can easily fit in the glowforge. I got little lines I think because it wasn’t taped tightly enough and it bowed up a bit in the middle. Lesson learned for next time. :grinning:
I used the silicon stamp setting. It had a little bit of dust but not too bad. I just cleaned it off with a toothbrush and soapy water. $3 cup from Target…could sell for $15

Laser cut on silicone

How creative!! Love it!!

Just to clarify… You do not have a Glowforge right? Haha


This is where a jig would come in handy. Nice.


No, sadly…but when I get one…it’ll fit :wink:


Shoot. You got me excited. Haha!


Yup…already on it…Just experimenting to see if it would work.


Sadly, this one wont fit in the Glowforge, I used my rotary…

Wedding gifts almost done for my neice and her fiance’…


Nice work! I really like the font on the second one, what is the name of it?


You have a lovely sense of design.


I dont remember…lol I’ll check when I get back in the office tomorrow…I’ve got a bazillion fonts…lol


Your way of doing things is better. I’d build the jig to hold the band, then get distracted and never get around to the engraving/cutting of the band itself.


Stretch the band around an appropriate size/thick wood block to flatten and secure it.


That’s what I was thinking. A thin wedge shape might do the trick.


THIS IS SO EPIC!! Really excited for stuff like this


The font used for the Aluminum Coffee cup is Pizzicato - Swash


I am pretty surprised that I had been unaware that we could engrave silicon. What!? Awesome!


Only if it has an e on the end. But most of us don’t meet the other kind up close that often.


Bwahaha. Thanks for the spell check…I posted it on my way out of the office last night at around 9:45pm. Serves me right for rushing…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




^ ditto this :joy: