Laser eyewear

What type of Laser eyewear is recommended for use with the Glowforge Pro? Does Glowforge sell them?

Not sure if this something that Support can help with.

We might need to move this to a different section of the forum.

But, I would like to know the answer to your question also! Does anyone have laser protection for their eyes they want to share information about?

I see they sell some in the shop!

Do others recommend these?

They are not required for Basic or Plus, but could they still be recommended?

It’s covered pretty clearly in the LSO training manual you received.

@eflyguy, is that for the Pro only? I remember seeing anything like that.

Yes, only applies to, and provided with, the Pro. The document is keyed to each owner (i.e. can not be shared.)

I was considering getting some eye protection, but I don’t have a Pro. So should I not? I just thought more protection couldn’t be bad, but is it not necessary?

It is not necessary. It’s not even useful. There is no laser radiation emitted from the machine.

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Okay, thanks. I won’t bother then. (But, I do hope to justify buying a Pro in the future.) :smile:

As the doc is protected and this is a huge legal/liability concern, I won’t quote what it says. I’ll just say, in my own words, unless you’re a complete idiot, you don’t need them, and there’s a good reason they no longer ship them with every machine.


Even for the Pro, the glasses are only recommended when you take the passthrough shields off. They’re blocked by rubber flaps that could possibly get bent out of shape and let a stray laser beam out, still very unlikely :slight_smile:


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