Laser Freezing & Misprinting

Please Help! I am new to Glowforge. I got my Aura for my birthday earlier this month and have a reoccurring problem. The laser seems to freeze in place for a moment and then continue cutting like it never stopped. The result is misprinted or misaligned cuts (see attached pictures). I tried cleaning the rails and the camera. I have tried using refocus and double checking the scanning image. I moved the Aura closer to the router to ensure wifi signal. I do not receive any error message in the application.

I want to get the premium membership but I’m not until I know that the machine actually works.

Your machine is new enough that you should definitely be reaching out to actual Support. They’ve got phone, email, and Discord and are on Pacific time.

It’s not your internet as once you send a job and it starts internet is no longer required. You could start designing a completely new job, or shut down your computer, and there would be no issues.


The head is jamming or sliding and losing where 0,0 is and will continue reletive to where it thinks it is. This is caused by dirt on the rails and needs to be cleaned frequently. Some folk recommend before every cut.