Laser has no power! Help please

Hello all,

I just received a replacement printer and the very first print I go to do (the gift of good measure on proofgrade medium draftboard), the laser has hardly ANY power. Yes, I checked and double checked that the power was not at 0 or 1, it was all set to proofgrade specs. I also made sure to use the lens wipe they include to wipe down all the mirrors/lens etc. It did not help. Any suggestions? Do I need to get ANOTHER replacement? This is so frustrating given how much they cost! I am about to give up on Glowforge…

TIA for any help!

Unfortunately, FedEx and UPS do not handle packages with the level of care a laser cutter really deserves, so many get bumped out of alignment or otherwise damaged in shipping. When that happens, Glowforge will send you another until you get one that arrives in perfect condition, at their expense, as many times as it takes. They’ll make it right!

They’ll likely want pictures of your Gift of Good Measure attempt (front and back), date and time you made that print, and photos of all the optics. You can get a head start by taking some of those pictures now.


Thank you for the response! Yes both printers I have now received have come off the trucks on their sides vertically when the box clearly says to keep them on horizontal. I just hope we get one that isn’t broke eventually! So frustrating.

Hi @caitlinfayepost. I’m so sorry to hear that the laser on your recently received replacement Glowforge is failing as you try to print. I saw that you had opened an email thread regarding this, and I just sent a response out with next steps for troubleshooting. To avoid any confusion, I am going to close this thread so we can consolidate everything through email. I’ll look forward to your email reply there. Thank you!