Laser head carriage black wheels broken

I don’t use my glowforge often, last time was easily 4 weeks ago or more. Today as I was making some test print while moving I saw the laser head jump up like if there was a bump on the rail. I discovered that both black wheels guiding the carriage plate along the rail were broken

It is quite disappointing as I have used my glowforge very little and of course it has to happen a Friday night!

One of mine broke like that! Now I keep at least 2 spares at all times. You never know when that will happen.

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Thank you Swmisher! Who you be so kind to let me know how to get extra. That would be really helpful.

They are not on their site! You have to either email them or call and they will ship them to you. My machine is still under warranty, so they sent me one at no charge. I ordered a few extra just to have on hand.

Sorry to bother you again, would you know the part number and can I order it anywhere or I have to wait until Monday for the customer service?

You can always go on e bay

Thanks for the advice, I will still need a part number or a serial number to be able to order what I need.

Thank you again, I went online and ask for glowforge parts and found a few things on eBay and Etsy.

Unless they are made of Delrin, don’t wast your money. The 3d printed ones will not last very long.
All you have to do is contact GF and they will get the rite ones to you.

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Hum… so I guess I’ll have to wait be able to talk to them on Monday! Thanks

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I had one break and was able to talk to support last week and get one. Good news is that they had them in stock (at least when i talked to them). I 3D printed one for me for now but I would just call support Monday morning.

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I’m sorry that the wheels on your carriage plate broke, and for our team’s delayed response. I see that you’ve emailed us about this and I’ve sent you a response there with next steps, so I’m going to close this thread and we’ll continue to assist you via email.