Laser head clearance height (with crumb tray)

How much clearance do I have under the laser head?

I am looking to engrave some items that are 3/4" tall. That part I want to engrave is 1/4" off the tray, but the area I don’t want to engrave is taller.

It appears that I have over 1" of clearance between the crumb tray and the laser head, but I am not sure if anything under there moves once the machine starts working.

So, how tall of an item can I safely put on the crumb tray?

Will the multilevel object be a problem for the focusing mechanism?

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1/2” clearance is the max with crumb tray installed


It’s the air assist nozzle on the back of the carriage that protrudes below the height of the laser head.


You have the air assist scoop in the back that can/will hit. You can always turn the machine off and just move the gantry over your material and see if you have a clearance issue. Go all the way to the front where your engrave would start and make sure it clears.

Your best bet would be making some risers (something of a known height to hold the material) and remove the crumbtray. But they would have to be pretty close to the perfect height to provide clearance for the air assist and to have the beam in focus.


There it is! I did not see the air assist when I nosing around earlier, I think it was hiding in the shadows in the back of the machine.

It looks to me that with a 1/2" thick item the air assist clears by 1/8".

It looks like I will need to remove the pin before I engrave.

Thanks for your help.


Thanks for the help @elsman18, @markwal, and @jbmanning5!

@omni_dilettante I’m glad you were able to sort things out. I’m going to close this thread–if you have any other questions, feel free to start a new topic.