"Laser head experienced a bump" error

When I turn on my GF, the laser seems to struggle as it tries to move to center itself on the arm.

It’s starts on the left side and just has a jagged movement as it tries to move to the center. When I turn off the machine, I can easily move the laser and arm back and forth with no problem. I’ve even started the laser under the top camera to see if that will help and I still get the error message, see picture. I’ve only made one cut on this machine. I just got it and it’s been nothing but problems!!

Can you also move it forward and back with no problems? This often happens because there’s a tiny bit of debris in one of the belts, or one of the teeth on the belt has been damaged. It’s worth moving it through its entire motion very slowly to see if you can feel a catch. There’s also a chance that the wheels on your carriage plate are damaged. Remove the laser head and see if any of the wheels are cracked.

Fingers crossed it’s something simple, if not a staff member will get her shortly and help get you on your way!

I am having the same problem and mine moves fine both ways when I move it manually!

No there seems to be no damage in those areas. I am able to move the arm back and forth, from end to end smoothly. I also can move the laser left to right smoothly. My husband and I checked and listened and felt no Slight disruption with the movements. We did see a black cord that seems to be loose in the back. I can send a video la

All the teeth are in tack and there are no cracks in the wheels.

You will need to open your own support thread in order to have your issue addressed. Support only works with one user per thread.

How long has your issue been happening?

Isn’t this my own thread?

Yes. My comment was directed at @deanfamilyx7 who said they were having the same issue.

Oh gotcha! :blush:

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A loose cord you say? That seems incorrect. Sadly I can’t see your video (no codec for .mov).
Any chance you can upload just a photo of that cord? I bet we can figure out where it’s supposed to be.

Here is a picture of the cord. So it moves back and forth, snagging on those metal ridges as I move the arm. This has been this way since I got the machine. And I’ve already made a cut with it like this. So it’s probably not the problem. But I don’t know if this is A problem.

Oh! We have seen that before - and yes it can totally snag the bar and cause the laser to skip a beat. Sadly I don’t have that style machine and I can’t find the post… @Jules you were the one who found the cable snagged on a Pro right? If not, do you remember who it was?

I think you just need to figure out what it’s snagged on and move it gently back and away, but I don’t want to give you bad advice.

Oh yes indeed, but that is not the same cable!

@cathyscrafts79 , at this point you definitely need to wait to hear from support. Do not try to run it again until they see this. Unplug the machine and wait.

(The red one is a high power cable, I’m not sure what the gray one is, but the red one needs to be watched to see if it is hanging up on the heat sink as well…looks like it might be.)

They might want to see some more pictures, but unplug the machine from the wall before you take them.

Ok it’s unplugged. I took a video I wish I can send it so you can see how it moves as the arm moves back and forth. I just hope support contacts me soon!! I’ve had nothing but trouble with this machine…

There’s a way to shift the red cable safely out of the way, I’m just not sure about the gray one, so you’ll need to hear from them. (After I shifted the red cable it’s worked perfectly without a single hitch for the last 2 ½ years so just sit tight.)

How long does it take for support to email me back?

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.