Laser (head) hit material

All, please send good thoughts (and advice)

My calipers must have been off by a fraction, I thought my material was thin enough with the tray in place. But as you all thought, I was wrong.

All my prints, engravings or whatever you want to call them are off, big time.

I think I might have shifted the head so much that the machine thinks it is home, but is not. There has to be a way to manually calibrate or something… I can not believe that there is not a software or hardware way to do this.

p.s. I do know that turning the machine off and back on SHOULD calibrate, but it is not…

So the machine is still off after turning the machine off and back on?

How far?

Can you share a screenshot of a print performed with the overlay and rulers included?

Sorry, bad explanation on my part. Everything turns back on and the glow forge goes through normal startup procedures. I just think I bumped the head hard enough it shifted on the tracks or something.

I already removed the images from the web app. I will attempt again to post some pictures.

at least 1.5 inches off

That doesn’t sound right at all. If you turn the machine off and back on it should recalibrate. The S/W doesn’t know where the head is until calibration and only through counting the steps does it know where the head or gantry is at any time.

Only possibility that I can think of… Is the head seated properly? Maybe it is tilted out of place. Pull it off the metal plate and reseat. (with power off)


attempting now. thanks

I had that happen early on and eventually discovered that when it hit one side of the gantry moved further forward than the other. This threw off the calculations as you can imagine even though it was small enough to not notice. So with the machine totally off, I pushed the Gantry all the way back pushing at each side again separately so each was as far back as possible, and then the printer-head to the far left side.

I do this every time after cleaning or otherwise handling the printer-head or gantry.


Also depending on how big of a hit it was, some folks have had the lens slide down in the head - so pop the head off and pull the lens (blue thing to the rescue!) and re-seat it

Fingers crossed

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.