Laser head moving but the laser doesn't fire

My glowforge was in the middle of an engraving and all of sudden stopped firing but the head continued to move. Since then I am having the same issue, the head moves but no laser. The issue is not the laser setting/ power setting and I checked mirror and it was clean and undamaged and ran a test run of gift of good measure for the support team. Spent the entire day yesterday cleaning my fan. Has anyone had this happen to them and been able to resolve the problem? It is costing me money. Thanks!

If you’re already in contact with support then posting here will slow down their responses to you because they have to find/review/close duplicate tickets before they can send the next response to you.

Yes, the majority of the time the issue with the laser not firing is an issue with an art - and lots of people resolve that. If it fires some times and not other times, it’s almost always the art. If it never fired again after stopping that once it generally requires a repair, which can take weeks.

Your comment about money makes me presume you have a business. As a business owner you should have a backup plan for when something breaks. Find other lasers in your area that you can rent time on, or other makers who are willing to subcontract, and lastly, other makers who you are willing to suggest your customers go to when you’re offline.


Very simple to prove one way or the other if it is the file or the laser: Try running the gift of good measure on a piece of proof grade. If that doesn’t work either then you have a problem with the laser.

HI @isabellaruiz17. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve run into some issues with the laser not firing during recent prints. I saw had also opened an email thread for this same issue, and is being addressed through there. To consolidate communications I will go ahead and close this Community thread. We’ll look forward to your response to your email thread. Thank you!