Laser head not firing at

Hello. My Glowforge was working fine when all of a sudden the tube stopped lighting up. The laser head continues to move but isn’t firing. Can someone help me trouble shoot this?

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Laser tubes do go bad after a time. Nor sure if this is happening here. And Support does not monitor these forums.

You can reach support at
and clicking on the Connect option to submit a trouble report.

You can also connect with a support agent live Monday - Friday 8am - 3pm PST at +1-855-338-2122.


And you should check your settings to make sure you haven’t accidentally specified a power of 1 (will not mark anything).


Make sure the white ribbon cable into the print head is undamaged and clicked in place. Then load up the “Gift of Good Measure” design in your library, and print it on a piece of Proofgrade material at the preset Proofgrade settings.

If that prints without issue, the machine is fine and you’ve narrowed down the problem to your settings, design or material.

If that prints nothing at all, then you have a hardware problem and need to open a support ticket with the company.


A sudden stop in the middle of a job points towards a power failure rather than a tube failure (which happens very very slowly). Do all the tests recommended above, and reach out to support - but if it is your laser power you’ll likely be offered a refurb machine as the power isn’t generally user replaceable.


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