Laser head stopped firing

My laser head stopped firing. I got an auto generated e mail about what to do. I did them and still nothing. Have checked everything. Have had my machine for 20 months. Am still waiting on support. I purchased the extended warranty for 800bucks. Am just looking to get my machine working or sent another. Losing money as I wait. I was led to believe the warranty was from extend and they handle everything. After speaking with them seveal times today I was told Glowforge handles the warranty. Makes no sense to me. Just want a working laser. Any other tips to get the laser to fire would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Glowforge staff no longer participate here. You will have to pursue this with the extended warranty company.


It’s the glass tube at the back of the machine that fires, and the laser beam it creates only passes through the head on its way to your material. If the tube isn’t lighting up at all when you have it set to cut/engrave at full power, then you’ll just have to wait for customer support to get back to you. Make sure you note that you bought the extended warranty in your conversation.


Glowforge is the extended warranty company. I have e mailed them.

Glowforge does not provide an extended warranty, they re-sell coverage from “Extend”. You get 6 months for a basic and 12 for a Plus or Pro from GF directly.

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