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I just bought my glowforge from an individual. Ask I’m cleaning it I noticed that the head it a little chard/brown burn on it. Please advise me on what could have caused that and is that something that happens often

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Your photo is of the Glowforge lens. If that spot will not clean off, you will most certainly have to replace it. Having the lens inserted incorrectly, not cleaning properly or any number of things could have caused this burning on the lens. The Glowforge burns material and deposits can find their way to the optics.


Remove the lens and see if that spot is a crack or something that you can clean away.


That is the lens in the head. You might be able to clean it by soaking it in alcohol then gently wiping with a zeiss wipe (camera lens wipes).
And yes as above, your last option is to order a new lens from GF. Did you get the blue tool for removing and replacing that lens?


Thank you

I removed it and tried to clean but I will try again today

I will try to soak in Alcohol have not tried that I just tried to gently rub it with a Q-tip some of it didn’t come off so the alcohol might take it off fully thank you so much. Oh and yes the did give me the blue lens remover and it’s Somewhere in my room. Go figure I would miss place it before even using it. I was able to remove as well as put back without it so far

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If you can’t find it.

Also the Zeiss wipes will work better and safer than a Q-tip that could leave fibers.


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