Laser intermittet at full power

last night I attempted to cut out some thick acrylic which in total was four pieces. two of the four pieces cut fine the other two look as if the laser was going in and out during the cut but what marks were there barely cut in. so I clean all the lenses, the mirror, the tray, the fans, everything cant find any damage or debris blocking laser. Next try was medium draftboard and GOGM no luck 16:22 PST 05/04/2020

I tried 100 speed at full power worse result just made dots

Sorry your first post here has to be a problem, but they’ll get you sorted. The customer service here is top notch.

I know another user had a similar intermittent laser issue that looks similar - that one was a replacement machine, so hopefully yours is something easier!

Good job on the pics up front. That will help a lot. :+1:

Might throw in one additional - pics of the pins in the white ribbon cable that attach to the head.


If it is that then I guess i’m in luck since my warranty is up in 11 days

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Here is the picture of the ribbon connection on the head, no bent pins or damage.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.