Laser is not cutting and engrave is wonky

My Glowforge was cutting and engraving beautifully on Friday night, both proof grade basswood and veneer. Yesterday, I tried to cut same project and it would not cut. I was able to get it to cut some smaller test images so I thought it was working. Today, I tried a different project (which I’ve cut before), and it would not cut and the engraved signatures were out of focus on both proofgrade and baltic birch. We’ve cleaned everything and it seems as if the lens is not clicking into place and is moving. I have a Pro that I purchased in January. Thank you.

The lens is supposed to float inside the head…it moves up and down magnetically when it focuses.

Check to make sure that you put it in correctly…the “Cup goes Up” into the head from underneath. It should click when it jumps up to contact the magnets. (Also check the blue tool…make sure the magnetic ring is still attached to it. It can come off on the lens.)

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Thank you, Jules. We’ve checked all of that and it’s all good. I did the gift of good measure on the draftboard and it didn’t even come close to cutting and the engrave was wonky. Someone suggested it might be the focus? I’m new at this and haven’t had any issues prior to this (except not being able to cut 1/4 inch-which I thought was a setting issue).

It might be the focus, but it’s always a first step to double check the lens since it’s pretty easy to stick it in there incorrectly.

If you can post a screen cap or photo of the Gift of Good Measure you had problems with it’s sometimes possible to diagnose focus problems from looking at the kerf. (Also need to see the wonky engrave.)

Thank you! Here are the pictures. The signatures in the piece were super crisp when I did my prototype a couple of weeks ago. I tried other files I had and they were wonky, too. Thank you for helping, no one has gotten back to me as of yet from Glowforge.

I don’t know, but it looks like your X axis belt might be a little loose.

Turn the machine off, look underneath the laser arm with a mirror and a flashlight at the right side. There is a black pulley there that slides in a slot. If the belt feels loose, you can use a hex key to loosen that pulley, then push it to the right to tighten up the belt a bit before re tightening.

(Or you can wait to hear from support. They might have other ideas.)

Tried that but hubby said belt is taught. Still waiting for Glowforge response.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.