Laser is not fireing

If my g,owforge is out of warranty and the laser is still

If my glowforge is not fireing and it is out of warranty will I have to wait for them to fix mine or wil they send a refurbished .

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Anyone answering here is just a Glowforge owner like you are, so not an official answer. My guess is that you will have an opportunity to purchase a refurbished machine if you are out of warranty.


You’ll need to email Glowforge support to get assistance.


I had a similar problem. Even though the laser wasn’t firing, I still attempted to print the gift of good measure and told the support folks what the laser did and didn’t do. I was offered a refurbished printer for about 25% of the cost of a new basic. I took the offer and have just received my new refurbished unit. Providing sufficient information of the problem with enough detail that the support people can actually evaluate your problem will pay off with great service and no headaches.


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