Laser is not running / working

So I have read a couple of post about the laser… I have had my Glowforge since May 2020. I ran different files including proof grade materials and I checked the settings using full power and nothing. The Glowforge runs but no laser coming out. I disconnected it, cleaned the lenses and still nothing? I am stuck on what else it can be? I used it 2 weeks ago with no issue and now the laser won’t turn on? Anybody had same issues after trying what I have done already? Thank you in advance

Posting here has opened a service ticket with support so they will be along in a bit. Dont send them an email as that just duplicates work orders and slows things down. My guess would be something with the power supply.

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Check the connections of the white cable that goes to the head.

I disconnected it a couple of times and still nothing

Support will ask you to run the gift of good measure on a piece of draftboard, and then pictures of all of your optics.

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Scratching at straws, but have you tried a known good design? Duplicate lines can cancel each other out and cause the laser not to fire.

I tried a small business card holder from the Glowforge site with PG material and still nothing… I uploaded a video to show what it is doing or not doing in this matter

The middle part of the video, I also cleaned the fans

This means that it’s did not default to power of 1, then…right?

It did at first but I changed it to full power… I also tried 100 power… but it didn’t do anything

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I am having the same problem? please let me know if you figure it out before me.

Posting in Problems & Support opens a support ticket, and there can only be one customer per ticket. If you’re having problems too, you should start your own thread so you can get some help. :slight_smile:

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.