Laser is offline-good wifi connection

just started to windows 10. the laser is offline. any connection?
suggestions on how to get online?

I’m not clear on what you’re trying to do. Are you setting up a new machine, or has it already been working and now it isn’t?

just moved to a new house. have good internet connection. Printer is offline. have used this machine for over a year. no problems.

You probably need to go through the wifi setup again, unless you brought your router with you and are using the same password, etc.

To get into setup mode, hold down the button for 10 seconds until it starts flashing teal, then go to and follow the instructions.


You guys don’t run set up every time you use it? Granted, with my phone as my internet, and it having a dynamic IP address, it makes sense that I have to I guess. I just thought everyone did that. I assumed if you had dedicated cable internet (or whatever) that it would just do it quickly without much prompting. Sometimes I have to run mine twice.

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Yikes, no, it would be awful to have to go through the setup process every time! If you’ve got wifi, it doesn’t matter about the IP being dynamic. The GF connects to the wifi network just like your phone, laptop, etc.

If you’ve got a cell phone hotspot, I would think it would be the same; once the GF knows the password, it should just be able to connect, as long as the hotspot is available.


Ran it once. Never had to repeat.

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Your internet IP has nothing to do with anything, actually. It’s atypical for an individual to pay for a static IP address, so most people have a dynamic IP address. When you turn on your phone’s hotspot, the 'forge will just connect to it. Keep in mind that you’d want to have your phone sitting right next to the 'forge to do that. It needs a very stable connection to function as expected. So, you’ll want to find a spot where your 'forge connects to your phone without issue and think “Okay. That’s where I’ll be putting my phone every time I use my laser cutter.”

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I’m having the same problem. It’s CONSTANTLY telling me it’s offline. We have Google mesh, 4 pucks in the house, I’m literally 15 feet away from one of them, and it’s taken me 4 hours to cut three pairs of earrings. I’m. So. Pissed.

And yes, I ran the reconnect to wifi twice. Tonight alone.

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So it is weird. The GF doesn’t like to connect to my ipad wifi or my iphone wifi. So I end up having to connect my iphone to my computer via usb, so the computes has internet. Then I connect the computer to the GF through setup. Then, it works best when I select my computer as my network in the setup, and it shares my iphone internet with the GF. But then, when I shut the computer down (daily) or turn the phone off, or take it out of range (often), nothing reconnects automatically. I have to run setup every time I turn the computer back on and reconnect my internet. It’s a pain, but if that is the worst that happens, then I’m good.

From the description of your set-up I’m betting you have overlapping signals that are killing the strength. The :glowforge: doesn’t need fast WiFi it needs strong/stable WiFi.

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to open your own case so you get the attention you deserve.

Not sure if you’re asking for help but, if you are, you, too, will want to open your own case.

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In over 3 years I have had to run the set up only one extra time …just a month or so ago when my connection dropped for whatever reason.

And make sure it’s 2.4 GHz…the Glowforge can’t connect to 5. When this happened to me an upgraded connection was the culprit.


Hi @gene1, I see that you’ve also emailed us about this issue and I’ve sent a response to you there. To avoid duplicate communication, I’m going to close this thread and will continue working with you over email.