Laser issues

After many attempts to cutting/engraving. I finally got it to do it. However now the tube where liquid would be, there’s none. I noticed there wasn’t any when I couldn’t get it to do anything. It’s sparks of fire at the end?

Everything cut and engraved when I changed the material and image. Is this normal? I just got this machine and have done a handful of crafts.

When the tube is full of coolant you can’t see it. Posting a video of the’sparks’ would help us understand what you are referring to.


When the tube is completely full of liquid, you can’t see it any more, and that’s how it’s supposed to be. The only time you’ll ever see the liquid in the tube is the first time you power on the machine, before all the air has been purged from the tube by the pump that circulates the coolant through it. Once all the air’s gone, the liquid’s just as transparent as glass, even when moving.

It was either your artwork or settings that were the problem then. If the machine was broken, it wouldn’t work after changing to different artwork.

If the artwork you were trying to engrave before accidentally had two copies of something sitting on top of each other, you’d see the machine moving through the motions but not engraving anything. Overlapping engraves are a “do nothing” operation to the Glowforge. One of several possible explanations. Another would be accidentally setting the power level to 1 by opening the manual settings panel and closing it without putting in settings.


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