Laser lens falling out during every cut

Hello, My laser lense keeps calling out.
It is happening on every cut, now

For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why a lot of my cuts were way out of alignment, or not cutting all the way through

I realized upon further inspection that when I would turn the laser head upside down to remove the laser lense, that it was practically falling out

I’ve cleaned it and inspected it numerous times. It looks fine, but it is almost like it lost its magnetic ability

I’m at a loss.

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Does the tool you use to remove the lens still have the magnetic ring on it? I guess I would first remve the head and lens, and closely inspect the lens seat in the head.

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You do realize the lens moves up and down inside there to focus, right? It doesn’t sound like it actually fell out onto the tray from your description.

I understand it moves up and down, but it is barely hanging on. Its loose, almost. It is hard to describe.

When i try to install the lens with the tool (that does have the magnetic ring around it,) it hardly snaps aggressively into place.

when i take the lens out of the head, the lens seat inside the head is very close to the edge of the opening. That is what seems like is loose.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I think that;

when the lens moves up and down, it can’t go back up into the head. It doesn’t fully align or cut correctly. :pensive:

Hi tfam1230. I’m sorry to hear about the trouble with your printer head lens being loose. I just sent a response to your opened email ticket for this same issue. To avoid any potential miscommunications and in case we need to send out any replacement parts, I am going to close this thread so we can continue troubleshooting this through email. I will look forward to your response to my email. Thank you!