Laser Maps for Family

These are exceptional! :heart_eyes:


Did you have to set up an API to download?

With SnazzyMaps you should just need a free account. A free account allows you to download up to 10 .png’s a day, which isn’t too restrictive if you’re just using it for hobby projects.


I see it now … I was looking at HTML and not downloading an image. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Thank you!

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I always lived in suburbs, except at college… so… my maps would be boring!


Understand that. Few roads my way. Used a GPS for directions home a few years ago. Said “No route found”


Don’t sell yourself short! Depending on where you went to college, you probably have a map worth making. Even the suburbs have maps with a grand story to tell - you may just need to dig a little deeper. Check out public data sources like neighborhood boundaries, zoning areas, or even the water/gas/sewer lines.

As an example, here’s a map of the University I’ve been lucky enough to teach at this year.
I’ve separated buildings, athletic facilities, athletic fields, and streets into their own layers that I plan to… well… layer for effect in the final product:

I intend to post a tutorial + lessons learned once I make the cuts. PSU fans, feel free to reach out for the .svg :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I made a few maps this week myself, trying out different styles

The hardest part is actually framing them on the cheap… having some trouble with it… the wood is a lot thicker than a photo so they don’t fit well in photo frames, I have to take out the glass or I can’t get the back board back in, etc… Any advice on finding something deeper that works well for wood art but cheaper than custom framing?


The float frames I linked above work nicely. They come with two layers of glass and a ~0.6” spacer. Framing two layers of 1/4” draftboard or one layer + a cardboard backer worked for me.

Did the link possibly change when you published it? This link in the first post is still going to a page not found.

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If you go to the site, choose ‘make a map’ then in Styles search “glowforge” you’ll find it.

Sadly, that’s not my template. I don’t think the admins of SnazzyMaps have got around to approving my template yet. The 48 hour turnaround is what they say on the site, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they have a little bit of a backlog to work through.

Searching either “Glowforge” or “Laser” will produce plenty of good templates though!


Wow, nicely done! I’ve been working on some maps myself. Here’s one that I made from some thick posterboard for some friends in San Diego.


I’m in the same boat with framing these and trying to find decent frames for a decent price. It’s easy to find cheap packs of frames on Amazon but they don’t have much room. I’m considering a custom order from FramesUSA and getting a brad gun to place the flat holder things behind the artwork.

*Anybody know the actual name of those bendable nail/brad holder things that go in the side of frames and hold the artwork in?

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they are called Points (or sometimes tabs). You can buy a Point Gun/Driver (or Tab Gun) that works like a staple gun. You can also buy a Point Driver (or tab driver) that works like a vise.
For softwoods, you can also look for Glazier Points that are inserted using a putty knife.

point driving gun from Amazon (just an example, not an affiliate link, and I have never used this model/brand)

edit: I see that this same brand is sold by Lee Valley, so chances are it’s a decent tool.


Lovely! What did you use for the masking? I’m assuming the paper did not come with a protective layer.

Here…this is the good stuff… :grinning:

UScutter Medium Tack Transfer Tape

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Nice work!! Love the maps!!

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Had Lowes make a delivery to my parents a few years ago and it had them turn less than 1/4 mile from the house (you could see it from the intersection) and go an extra 2 miles and go through a field :rofl:. They actually did too, then said they were worried Deliverance was about to turn into a movie of fact rather than fiction.


Howdy all! I finally posted my tutorial. It’s under the “Free Laser Designs” category for now. Check it out if you want to make your own maps!