Laser not coming on to engrave, but it will still cut

My laser will not come on when I set to engrave. It will come on if set to cut. I have the pro, I have used proofgrade materials and settings and nothing.
I have cleaned the lenses and camera also.

Another edit, user error. Its engraving again, my design which was just half inch squares, I duplicated the 1st one and pasted and so on. I always copy and paste, this time I did duplicate and paste for some reason.
When it was cutting the square it was doing 2 passes, I guess the duplicate threw off the laser to engrave for some reason, hope this helps someone if ever having this issue.


Good news is that it’s almost guaranteed to be something in setup, settings or the file. Try printing the Gift of Good Measure file. It includes engrave score and cut. Then we can look at your settings and file.


It was user error, thanks for the fast response! I never knew about the Gift Of Good Measure file, thanks for the info!


Usually what happens here is that a design has duplicate objects on top of one another. If you have two objects of the same color on top, it will effectively knock out the overlapping area.


HI there. I received your email and this forum posted to help address the problem with your Glowforge during engraves. However, I saw you able to resolve this, so I’ll go ahead close this thread. I appreciate you letting us and if you run into any other trouble. feel free to create a new thread we’ll be happy to help. Thank you!