Laser not engraving correctly Help!

Hi there! This is my first post and I appreciate your help in advance!

I just received the glowforge pro a few days ago and I am learning to use it little by little. Today, I was engraving some leather that I purchased and for some reason the laser engraved the center of the letters which was not supposed to do. My question is… what could be causing this type of issues? the Svg file is correct .

Thank you so much!!!


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The Glowforge does not create elements this large that are not in the original file. I am afraid the problem is in your file. If you want to share the file here in the forum, someone will look at it.

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Thanks for your response! Here is the file that I used.!


Did you try engraving the file again?

I don’t see anything obvious in the file. The section with the letters, however, is one path of 286 nodes… I wonder if you have a stray node resulting in an open path in this segment.


It’s your file. Your design has paths with lots of nodes that overlap each other. For example, there are 17 nodes stacked on top of a single point in the middle of the letter “R”. If you don’t want to go walk node to node in the file to fix the paths, an easy way to make sure it engraves the same way it appears on your screen is to rasterize the engraved parts of the design. In Inkscape, select them and choose “Edit > Make a Bitmap Copy”, then delete/move the vector version away from behind it for example.


Hello Ivan,

It seems the community was able to help you resolve this issue for you.
Since it seems your issue was resolved, I am going to close this out.
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